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Brengen Oil Botswana Proprietary Limited was formed to meet the increasing demand for liquid fuels in Botswana.Guided by its vision to be considered the oil company of choice in sub Saharan Africa to supply and deliver amongst other products and service petroleum based products safely, reliably and competitively



To create a world class international bulk fuel
storage, distribution and logistics trading company that provides end to end solutions across the energy sector in SADC Countries.

To contribute to the successful security of supply to the Botswana Government by complementing their full demand on a monthly basis

Loyalty Honesty, integrity and reliability in all our interactions with all stakeholders.
Committed to achieving customer service excellence at all costs across the boarders

Goals & Objectives
To assist the government in strategic stock holding in the 6 different district within Botswana.
To design, integrate and fund a potential pipeline network to link from major holding facility to the smaller.
distribution centre’s within Botswana.
Conduct feasibility studies to evaluate the rail network and find solutions to improve bulk refined products by rail.
To build a credible, profitable and sustainable, local empowered fuel trading and distributiion company.

To facilitate assist individual Motswana to have their own filling station under Brengen Oil Botswana.

To have a national , central fuel storage in Palapye

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